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Email Security
Our solution includes a combination of email encryption, digital signatures, content monitoring and policy compliance capabilities that are automatic and invisible to everyday users. Intesa , in collaboration with Entrust, delivers a variety of solutions to enhance native email security that can be deployed
“out-of-the-box” and integrated into your existing messaging environment with minimum configuration requirements.

Protecting Information at Your Electronic Boundary
We provide an email security gateway that operates at the server level (such as Microsoft and Lotus Domino) to provide an easier and more efficient method for deploying email security to your users.

• Email encryption can be applied before messages leave your organization
• Email security processing is done at the server, saving time for users and reducing inbox sizes
• Email security policies can be centrally managed and automatically applied
• Encrypted email can be sent and received on hand-held devices such as RIM BlackBerry and HTML-enabled cell phones
• Content can be automatically encrypted based on the list of recipients, the nature of the content or, in unique circumstances, as dictated by your security policy

Solution Description
The Secure Messaging Solution delivers digital ID support to enable users to send and receive encrypted and signed S/MIME emails on their BlackBerry® handhelds. Secure Messaging Solution enables customers to access their secure email from both their BlackBerry handheld and their desktop PC using the same digital ID, simplifying usability and administration. This tight integration enhances user productivity while leveraging the security of the enterprise S/MIME messaging deployment.

Solution Features & Benefits
1) Secure Messaging for BlackBerry provides a single digital user ID that is synchronized from the desktop to the user’s handheld. This means that users can read or compose secure messages while at their desktop or while working remotely using their handhelds.

2) The Secure Messaging Solution transparently adds security to your email and extends it for mobile use on BlackBerry handhelds without changing the way users work.

3) By protecting sensitive emails sent and received on BlackBerry handhelds, the Secure Messaging Solution helps you to realize greater productivity and responsiveness by giving your remote workers the ability to work securely.

Industry Expertise
Secure Messaging Solution has been deployed most often within government and financial organizations. Others include insurance, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.


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