Securing business and private communications over computer networks can be likened to an electronic equivalent of signing a letter and sealing it in an envelope. The act of signing the letter is evidence of authenticity, integrity and non repudiation and the act of sealing the envelope assures confidentiality.
So information security is now a major issue facing today’s electronic society.
INTESA, through its Electronic Business Security Services offering, provides a single layer across multiple enterprise application enabling strong authentication, digital signature and encryption.
Our PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and Certificate Authority service offerings assist customers in developing PKI and the management of them.
Our Security Consulting Services helps to speed time to market by assisting customers with analysis, definition and prioritization of requirements, security analysis as well as policy and practice definition.
A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a comprehensive system supported by a common set of security services that enables seamless and trustworthy e-business transaction. A PKI is a combination of hardware and software products, policies and procedures. It provides digital IDs known as “digital certificates” which act like “electronic passports”.
Digital signatures provide an electronic means to sign and verify electronic documents in a highly secure manner and solve the problem of authenticating people who want to conduct e-Government business. INTESA can provide various applications for digital signatures already used in many governmental agencies, these solutions are compliant with EU/directive 1999/93/EC
The email encryption is a solution that makes it easier to communicate securely with external business partners and customers. Our solution is easy to deploy and maintain for organizations that communicate sensitive or regulated information, both inside and outside their organizations, via e-mail.


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